Rat Kill Gel | Ready to Use Rat Killer for Indoor and Outdoor | Rodenticide Rat Poison Bait 30Gx2

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Ready to Use Rat kill gel bait

Pest control for Rats | Rodent Exterminator | Best Rat Control Gel

Note: Not to be sold in Tamil Nadu

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How to Use:

  1. To ensure best results, induce rats to eat plain food pieces kept about the premises, frequented by rats.
  2. Next night, place the same type of good-pieces with Ratphos paste thinly spread on them.
  3. Rats eat the baits covered with Ratphos Paste.



Keep away from Children and domestic pets.

Do not allow it to touch eyes & do not inhale paste.

Wash hands properly after use.



Ratphos Rat Killer Gel Rodent Control comes in 30 gm pack. The best feature of Ratphos paste is the speed of results.

Due to a fruit base, the paste acts as an attractant. Less chances of Resistance development. Easy Application

Ready to Use on Any Food like Bread, Nuts, Roti, etc


Direction of use

Apply the paste on pieces of bread, coconut or other dry food and place them at different areas of infestation.

Collect and dispose OFF all dead animals and left-over bait properly.

If infestation is high, repeat dosage only on areas where the food was eaten.

To prevent re-infestation with rodents, limit sources of leftover food, water and harbourage as much as possible.


Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm


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