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What is Leaf Miner? How to control them?

Leaf miners are small insects, typically the larvae of moths, flies, or beetles, that feed on the internal tissues of plant leaves. They create distinctive tunnels or mines as they tunnel through the leaf, causing visible damage. Leaf miner infestations are common in a variety of plants, including vegetables, ornamental plants, and fruit trees. Identification […]

Tomato Farming Pest Control to Increase Productivity

🍅 Weed Control in Tomato: Do frequent weeding, hoeing and hilling and keep the field weed free for 45 days. If weeds are left uncontrolled they will reduce crop yields by 70-90%. Spray Fluchloralin (Besalin) @ 800 ml/200 liters of water as pre-emergence Herbicide two to three days after transplantation. If weed intensity is high, spray Sencor 300 gm […]

What is Fruit Cracking

Fruit cracking, also known as fruit splitting, is a physiological disorder that affects certain fruits during their development. This phenomenon occurs when the outer skin of the fruit ruptures or cracks, exposing the inner flesh. While fruit cracking can happen in various types of fruits, it is more commonly observed in certain fruits like tomatoes, […]

Alika Insecticide: A Powerful Shield Against Crop Pests

In the intricate web of agriculture, one of the most relentless adversaries that farmers face is the invasion of crop-destroying pests. These tiny but formidable foes can wreak havoc on crops, leading to significant economic losses and food insecurity. In the battle against these pests, the role of effective insecticides cannot be overstated. One such […]

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Indian Seeds is a leading seeds and gardening products company mainly in India. Our talented team of scientists, breeders, and researchers bring to you the best quality seeds. We have been catering to the needs of thousands of Indian and international professional growers and farmers for over 33 years. Our high yielding and disease-resistant varieties of seeds are now also available to all the kitchen gardeners. Sow our seeds to grow the best tasting fresh vegetables with ease in your very own kitchen garden.

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"Your products are awesome! Long time customer! You have delightful selections of pesticides, seeds, equipment and fertilizer!"
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At Indian Seeds, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

Let’s nourish beginnings for a cleaner, better, and greener planet.

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