List of Pesticides / Formulations Banned In India

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APesticides Banned for manufacture, import and use .
 3Benzene Hexachloride
 4Calcium Cyanide
 8Copper Acetoarsenite
 12Ethyl Mercury Chloride
 13Ethyl Parathion
 14Ethylene Dibromide
 16Lindane (Gamma-HCH)(Banned vide Gazette Notification No S.O. 637(E) Dated 25/03/2011)-Banned for Manufecture,Import or Formulate w.e.f. 25th March,2011 and banned for use w.e.f. 25th March,2013.
 17Maleic Hydrazide
 21Paraquat Dimethyl Sulphate
 22Pentachloro Nitrobenzene
 24Phenyl Mercury Acetate
 25Sodium Methane Arsonate
 26TCA (Trichloro acetic acid)
BPesticide formulations banned for import, manufacture and use.
 1Carbofuron 50% SP
 2Methomyl 12.5% L
 3Methomyl 24% formulation
 4Phosphamidon 85% SL
CPesticide / Pesticide formulations banned for use but continued to manufacture for export
 1Captafol 80% Powder
 2Nicotin Sulfate
DPesticides Withdrawn (Withdrawal may become inoperative as soon as required complete data as per the guidelines is generated and submitted by the Pesticides Industry to the Government and accepted by the Registration Committee. (S.O 915(E) dated 15th Jun,2006)
 4Nickel Chloride
 5Paradichlorobenzene (PDCB)


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