Bhulife Organic Neem Oil for Plants 100MLx1

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Used for Used for Kitchen gardens, Terrace gardens, Pot/Container plants, Indoor plants, Ornamental plants, Flowering plants, Outdoor plants, plant food, all purpose plant fertilizer, plant fertilizer

Used for Agricultural sprayers, farming and gardening, only for gardening, Vegetable garden and flower garden, All plants

About Neem seed oil concentrate:

•100% pure and natural neem oil is extracted from neem seed which is processed using Cold Pressed Method.

Application: Apply Neem Oil on a 7 day schedule until the disease completely disappears.


•Neem oil is most effective when applied in the early to mid-morning or late noon/evening to minimize leaf burn

•Do Not apply on baby plants or to newly transplanted plants.


•100% Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil.

Direction to Use:

keep bottel 15 min in direct sunlight before use

•Remove inner cap to use.

•Shake well to use.

•Take 1 liter of water then Add 4-6 ml (1 Tbs Approx.) of neem oil and no need to add liquid soap.

•Spray on all parts of the plants including underside of the leaves until completely wet

Neem Oil Pure Cold Pressed, Water Soluble for Plants | All Purpose Indoor & Outdoor Plants

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